FUR The Movie

Music comedy In Development

In Development


Anthony Jones & Ritchie Rees


Pulsar Pictures – Muffin Worship – Artist Lab Studio

Directeur :
Alexander Vlahos


About film:

“FUR” is a musically driven comedy, set in Swansea, Wales. The film follows the story of Big J & Tony, two would-be “entrepreneurs”, with a plan to create Wales’s first female rock band. The story unfolds, as we follow the two likely-lads touting their business idea to Mr Price the local bank manager and also to one of the most dangerous men in South Wales, The Tooth-Fairy, (Michael Sheen). Their plan is to borrow enough money to launch their idea into action, find the most beautiful & talented musicians for the band and put on the biggest ever music gig South Wales has ever seen. Big J & Tony, also carry out a country wide search for someone who will be talented enough to front the band, yet the only person with any star quality they have found so far, works at the local chip shop café, her name is Sharly Shakti.

Sharly 18, a young Black Afro-Caribbean singer, who feels life is passing her by and who is struggling to find her place in this world. She also feels she doesn’t belong to either of her birth cultures and is struggling with her identity. Sharly Shakti is a passionate high-class musician, who spends what free time, writing songs and performing at low-key venues around Swansea City Centre. Occasionally, she is out busking, where she can make a small portion of cash for her struggling family, who desperately need all the help they can to survive each day. Sharly is also committed to her family and cares for her 7-year-old sister (Dayita), who is somewhere on the vast autistic spectrum and whom relies on her older sister for her every day living needs. Sharly’s mother, (Sahi), is a long-suffering alcoholic, who struggles with depression and possibly mental illness, she has very little love or time for her two girls and can be found most days swigging out of a Gin bottle & lounging around in the filth she calls home.

The film climaxes via a number of diversions and the creation of the female rock band, but nothing is surely that simple, especially when the world offers you no favours and the only place you can get help comes from a madman like the Tooth fairy.