La muse


Thriller Drama In Development

In Development

Théo Mahy-Ma-Somga

Théo Mahy-Ma-Somga


About film:

Charlie, an artist on a quest for authenticity, grapples with the demands of commercial success and her own inner struggles. Caught between the depths of her artistic vision and the pressures of commercialism, she embarks on a journey to reclaim her creative fire.
Adding to her turmoil, Louis, a rich art collector and influential politician, uses his power to slow Charlie down.
But it’s in her moments of vulnerability that she encounters an unexpected muse, unlocking a surge of inspiration through a surreal experience where her art transcends the canvas, breathing life into her journey of self-discovery. Yet, as her art breathes vitality into her existence, Charlie finds herself entangled in a web of uncertainty, hinting that her quest for authenticity may lead to a conclusion far from the conventional notions of a happy ending.